Power of attorney

Photos - 3 passport size photos (2x2) with white background

Passport - copy of all the pages - authenticated

Passport should be valid for at least one year beyond the application date, and it must have been issued at least six months prior.

Police record

Immigration is very strict about the police records. They will even refuse your visa if there is a minor criminal history such as drunk driving.

Requirements for the police record:

1. The police record must be issued from the country where you are currently living. You must have been living there for at least 2 years.

2.The police record expires 6 months after date of issue

3.It must be dully apostilled or authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate in the country of issuance.

The police record must be issued from an office that covers the entire country, not just a specific region or city.

Certificate of Good Health issued in Panama

Certified check issued to "Tesoro Nacional" for USD $250.00

Certified check issued to "Servicio Nacional de Migracion" for USD $800.00 - repatriation fund on deposit (minors under 12yrs do not require repatriation fund)

Affidavit form

Certification of the investment, signed by a licensed Certified Public Accountant, stating that the investment was made.

Forestry Resolution issued in your name by Ministerio de Ambiente

Proof payment of forestry investment

If you pay with an international transfer, the funds must be sent from the account of the main applicant for the visa. Your bank can issue a certification that the funds were sent.


-All documents expire three (3) months after they are issued.

-Documents issued outside Panama must be authenticated by apostille (Hague Convention) or notarized and Authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate nearest you. The Apostille is an internationally recognized government authentication of its issued documents by attaching certain seals to the document.

-If the documents are not in Spanish, they must be translated in Panama by an official certified Panamanian translator.