Procedure for Obtaining a Reforestation Residency Visa in Panama

To obtain a Reforestation Residency visa, you must invest at least $80,000 in 51% ownership in a reforestation project that has been approved and registered with Ministerio de Ambiente. You can then begin the process of applying for your residency visa. For this process, you must be represented by a Panamanian attorney. Our bilingual attorneys have extensive experience in guiding clients through the visa application process and will keep you informed of the status of your application.

Our Panamanian attorney will give you a list of documents that are required for your visa application. These include a police record/police clearance report, since the government of Panama reserves the right to reject otherwise qualified applicants who have a criminal history. Your attorney will advise you on how recent the documentation must be and what authentication is required from your home country and/or from the Panamanian consulate in your area. Your attorney can also help you obtain a Panamanian health certificate and advise you on where to get documents notarized and photographs taken.

The application process for a reforestation residency visa is as follows:

1.Check with the attorney if you require an Authorized Tourist Visa before you come to Panama. If so, the process must be completed before you visit Panama.

2.You must come to Panama to visit the immigration office accompanied by your attorney. If you are also requesting forestry visa for your dependents they must attend at the same time as well. This process requires that you stay in Panama for at least 10 working days. When the office has registered your application and examined your documentation, they will issue a provisional visa that is valid for 1 year.

3.You must come back to Panama before your one (1) year provisional visa expires. By this time, the immigration office should have your two (2) years temporary immigration visa approved. Otherwise, the immigration office will issue another provisional visa. This process will require your presence and the presence of your dependents for at least 10 working days.

4.Before the 2-year temporary immigrant visa expires, you must apply for a permanent immigration visa. This process will require your presence and the presence of your dependents for 10 working days

5.If you wish to leave and return to Panama before you receive your temporary residency you will need to obtain a Multiple Entry and Exit Visa while you are still in Panama as well; this process takes about 2 working days. This visa allows you to enter and exit the country during the process as much as necessary.

If you leave without your Multiple Entry and Exit Visa, upon your return you will be subject to a penalty of $2,000.00 per person for first time offenders, and $5,000.00 per person for repeat offenders. Your multiple entry visa is only valid for 12 months.

Important information

Legal fees are included for one person in the $98,000 100% ownership investment package offered by Panama Forestry. Additional fees apply per each dependent.

Try to avoid coming to Panama on official business during Panamanian holidays, as the government shuts down completely for the festivities.

Trips to the immigration office can take many hours. Whenever you visit the immigration office, we recommend you take water bottles, snacks, books, and any other entertainment you may require.