Panama Forestry's teak visa program offers expert management of your timber investment at a very competitive price. We know Panama and we know teak. As the country's investor residency visa requirements have changed over time, we have tailored our programs to meet investor needs.

Our current complete visa package offers 5 hectares of planted teak, titled in the investor's name plus all legal costs to process the residency for $98,000. Our 25-year plantation management contract is structured to provide maximum return on the timber investment, offering an optimized complete package for obtaining a permanent Panamanian residency visa.

We invite you to compare Panama Forestry's investment visa package to those of our competitors. Quite simply, it's the best you'll find.



在所有热带硬木树种中 - 也许是所有树种 - - 柚木都具有特别的魅力,就像贵金属中的黄金一样。柚木在亚洲的原生地区被誉为超过2000年的非常耐用的建筑木材,现在te worldwide于世界各地。其卓越的尺寸稳定性和美观性使其在造船,家庭建筑,家具制造以及其他需要坚固,稳定的木材的应用中得到应用。



An investment in a Panamanian teak plantation offers tax advantages as well as income from the sale of the mature timber. It is a green investment, providing new jobs in rural areas and long-lasting environmental benefits such as tropical wood binding of carbon dioxide.

Teak investments in Panama fall into two general categories:

  • Permanent residency visa programs
  • Standard, profit-oriented timber investment opportunities.

Reforestation visa programs can make money if selected carefully, but their primary purpose is to obtain a residency visa for the investor. (For the highest returns, a traditional timber investment is a better option; see this article.)

Panamanian law grants reforestation visas based on ownership of a minimum of 5 hectares (about 12.4 acres) of timber land titled in the investor's name or in the name of a corporation in which the investor has at least a 51% share.

  • Applicants who invest $80,000 or more in a reforestation project can apply for permanent residency in Panama. 5 years after obtaining a permanent resident visa, investors can apply for Panamanian citizenship. This is one of the few types of visa programs that give investors the opportunity to become naturalized citizens of Panama.

Panama Forestry offers one of the most financially advantageous visa investment programs currently available, with minimal entry cost and maximum return on your timber investment. The $98,000 purchase price buys you a 100% ownership 5-hectare teak plantation titled in your name, with no additional cash investment required for the life of your timber project.


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